US Jackpots Heading to $200 Million Each


We’re in the midst of a phenomena that occurs only once in a few years. I’m not referring to the alignment of the planets or solar flares, i’m talking about the Powerball and Mega Millions lottery jackpots both exceeding $170 Million for this weekend’s drawings.  The Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots at $171 million and $173 million, respectively, likely raising these jackpots past $180 million by drawing time.

If nobody hit’s these jackpots over the weekend, we’ll likely see both jackpots exceed $200 Million, for the drawings on March 3rd and 4th.  Every time these jackpots rollover, you will see excitement, tickets sale and media coverage rapidly increase. 

We love this kinda situation at AllLotto, we hope you do too! 🙂

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Today, we find ourselves in the midst of $100+ million jackpots for both Powerball and Mega Millions.  This rare convergence of the 2 multi state games, has the effect of building awareness and excitement across the US.  Large jackpots for Powerball and Mega Millions tend to become “cultural events” that are shared by Americans across the country.