Taking Advantage to Living Your Dreams Till the Money Runs Out.


Some people just still crave more after they win the lottery even if that means getting funds where they are not entitled to them. Some will spend their winnings and have no regrets…

The story of Amanda Clayton will ruffle any tax payer’s feathers. She was a single mom collecting welfare when she won in the fall of 2011 $1,000,000. Well she continued to collect her checks every month. She figured since she was still unemployed and had bills to pay that it was okay to still receive the checks. Welfare in Michigan, the law states you have to report any changes in your income within 10 days. Why would someone that received so much think this was okay? She did end up having to pay back any welfare funds that she was not entitled to. She died about a year later of a suspected drug overdose.

Lou Einsenberg lived in Florida and lived the retirement life. He did enjoy buying tickets along with going to the dog track often. He lived on a strict budget and found himself often strapped for cash. Friday 13, 1981 he won the New York Lottery $5,000,000 jackpot with annual installments of $130,000 after taxes for 20 years! Everyone wanted to hear his story; he was all over the talk shows and a few commercials. He traveled and took his family and friends along often footing the bill. He was broke when he got his last lottery check in 2001. He actually had no regrets that he spent it all. Most cannot say that they spent it all and enjoyed the ride…

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Winning By an Ear!


Sometimes buying lottery tickets can be funny business and make some people not see the writing right in front of them. I witnessed once while waiting in line at a popular convenience store known for winning tickets, the man in-front of me was frustrated with the ticket he just scratched. He tossed it at the owner and walked out… The owner looked at it quick, and then looked at it again, and asked me to look at it too, to find that the man did win! He won $500 and did not even see it, and he was long gone for us to run after him. The owner kept the ticket waiting for the man to come back and as far as I know he never did.

Rocky Long enjoyed playing Royal Riches Crossword Scratch-it games. Well one day as he played he found eleven word matches and he was elated that he won $5,000! He even had a good friend count the word matches and his friend came up with eleven matches too along with Rocky writing the words down to make sure he in fact had eleven. Well the next day when he went to take the ticket out to go cash it in he noticed one more word! EAR was the word… With that twelfth word he went from a $5,000 winner to a $100,000 winner!

I guess the lesson here is to always check your ticket multiple times and then some. Always put your name on the back of your winning ticket.

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Have you ever Tricked Anyone to think that they Won the Lottery?


I have been a part of the tricking. My sister is always playing jokes on everyone… Always. Well it was her turn. Well with a lot of planning and getting everyone to follow the script it was a pretty great joke. This mind you was back in the day when families would all sit waiting for the winning numbers to be drawn on live T.V., and long before the internet existed as well as DVR’s. My brother in law came up with the idea to record on the VCR the prior week’s numbers as they were drawn. A VCR is what we used to execute our plan, and we had to put black electrical tape over the red record light so my sister would not see it recording. The plan was going perfectly. Now we had to go buy a ticket with the same numbers as well as getting all the family to go along with the hoax. Now everyone was told what to say, how to act, and make it look real.

A week went by and we were all stirring with thoughts of “we finally are going to get her!” It is now time to watch the “Live Drawing” and we had the tape already in the VCR and we hit play before my sister entered the room. The numbers are being read on the tv and my sister is squealing with joy after each number is called. The last number gets read and my sister starts to scream “we won we won we won” over and over. Of course we are all acting excited with her at first then some of us start to laugh. Well my mother must have not read her script right and misunderstood and thought that we really won. My sister sees some of us dying laughing and then she looks at the ticket and then she looks at the date on the recording that was still framed with the date. Let me tell you my sister was pretty pissed at first but then she was hysterically laughing… My mother not so much, she was mad for days after this, I think she is still mad.

What have you done to trick your friends into believing they were a big jackpot winner? Or have you not ever done this in fear or retribution? Tell us!

PS ~ my sister has never let us purchase her tickets again and has a need to have control over the remotes!

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Wow That New iPhone is Really Huge!


A lot of folks have talked about the large size of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. It’s hard to get a sense of how big it is unless it’s shown near something else of a “known” size. Well this photo is quite amazing. Those phones are huge!