$1 Billion Powerball Jackpot?


As people line up to buy their tickets for tonight’s $900,000,000 Powerball jackpot, that jackpot continues to grow. The action related to this record breaking, possible $1 Billion jackpot feeds the purchase of tickets. Do you have yours?

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What Goes Around Will Come Back Around…? Karma?


Earlier in December 2014 there was one winner that will not be enjoying his lottery winnings. Timothy Dale Poole of Orlando, FL won $3,000,000 in a Florida Lottery jackpot. Back in 1999 Poole was accused of sexually battering nine and five year old brothers. He pleaded guilty to attempted sexual battery and was given a sentence of time served with probation.

In 2003 his probation was revoked due to him failing to show up for counseling sessions.

The two brothers the alleged victims are seeking damages for pain and suffering in the entire amount that Timothy Poole won.

Poole took a lump sum payment of an average of $2,200,000 which will be tied up in the lawsuit till it is settled.

Talk about karma. Do bad things to others and when you win big money people will come looking for restitution.

Do you think the victims should get his winnings? Do you think he was guilty despite him pleading guilty to attempted sexual battery?

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Just a “Little” in Time for the Holidays!


On December 17, 2014 -Teresa Showman a truck driver residing in Virginia decided to buy a Casino Cash scratch ticket to see if she could win a little more money for Christmas. Little did she know that she would win $2,500,000! She stated she was in shock when she saw each of the zero’s on the ticket!

She made the choice to take the lump one-time cash sum of $1,351,351. The Express Mart in Woodstock where she purchased her ticket received a $10,000 bonus for selling the ticket.

That is a really nice win! She has no future plans except to finish of some Christmas shopping. Let’s hope she has read AllLotto’s awesome advice on what to do when you win the lottery!

During the holidays many people will get some lottery tickets in their Christmas stockings. May they all be winners and help your New Year be amazingly bright.

From everyone here at AllLotto we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season!

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Sometimes One Try is All it Takes!


In Seattle Washington Lisa Quam purchased her first Powerball ticket on Thanksgiving of all days. Little did she know that she would win the Powerball jackpot on the very first try!

She put the tickets on the fridge and ended up checking them on Sunday. She reviewed the numbers a few times and then yelled to her family to get upstairs!

She sent out an email to all her friends and co-workers letting them know how it was a pleasure to work with them over the years and that they should check the news today. She also quit her job.

Quam has still not decided on whether to take the annuity payments for 30 years or to take the lump sum which will be averaged to $56,800,000! Her winning jackpot was $90,000,000.

“We have student loans just like every family, house repairs. Maybe we’ll buy a house for one of the kids,” answered Quam when asked what she would do with her winnings.

Quam stated that she will be getting a new car: a Subaru Forester and most definitely doing some much needed traveling.

So sometimes the first time you try something can change your whole outlook on your life. You just never know!

Good luck everyone!

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Sign That Ticket! Look at Your Ticket!


Here are a few stories on why signing your ticket as soon as you realize you are a big winner is a good idea.

In California Etta May Urquhart wins $51 Million Lottery Jackpot. When she went to claim her winnings she was so overwhelmed by the crowd and media attention when she went to cash in her ticket that she let her son Ronnie Orender sign her ticket. When the winnings came he took all the money and went on big shopping sprees.  Well out of that money he bought a home that he let his mother reside in, a Lincoln SUV and approximately $125,000 in cash.  Urquhart tried to take him to court but lottery officials announced that Orender was the correct winner.  Sign your ticket…

In South Carolina a woman told a few friends that she had won $500 on a scratch ticket. Well her friend Willie Jones was charged in stealing her ticket.  Sign that Ticket

Andy Ashkar and Nayel Ashkar worked for their family’s market store.  Well one day Robert Miles went into the market with Andy Ashkar working behind the counter. He went to cash in a $5,000,000 ticket and Andy stated to him it was only worth $5,000 and gave Miles $4,000 in cash and took the rest as the store’s cut. Andy and his brother waited over a year and Nayel tried to cash in the ticket.

Andy Ashkar is now serving 25 years the maximum for stealing the ticket from Robert Miles. His brother Nayel was acquitted of the conspiracy charges. Nayef Ashkar the boy’s father is still facing conspiracy charges. To this day the state lottery still has not yet awarded anyone with the $5,000,000 winnings…  Look at your ticket!!!

So what have you learned from these stories? Read your ticket and sign it as soon as you think you have won. Also when cashing in any tickets always ask for documentation, or just go to the lottery head quarters.

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