Americans are STUPID! 

Or at least that’s what our Congressional Representatives and Senators think.

Congress is Ready To Pass a Law That:


  • Bans Internet Gambling from the USA
  • Forces Banks to Monitor Your Transactions
  • Forces Banks to Restrict Your Purchases

  • Are you ready to give up more of your rights and privacy?


    The US Government is about to invade your privacy in your own home by effectively banning online gambling; and if you think this doesn’t affect you, think again.


    For the last several years the US Government has slowly been stripping away our personal freedoms and rights.  One little thing at a time, in the name of “health”, “personal safety”, “the safety of others” ….just one little thing at a time.


    There’s an old saying – “If you want to boil a frog, never throw him in boiling water because he’ll jump right back out; put him in cold water and heat the water slowly – he’ll never notice he’s being cooked.”  This is what’s happening to Americans.


    The US Government is at a loss because they missed their chance early on to regulate and tax the amount of cash flowing to and from offshore casinos from Americans, so they’re working to make online gambling illegal now, rather than figure out a way to tax it.  They’re doing this in the name of “Morality” and “Protection’, implying that we’re incapable of making our own decisions and quoting outrageous "facts" and stories to sell their bill of goods.  The House of Representatives and the US Senate have both approved preliminary Bills separately, H.R. 21 & S. 627, to ban online gambling.  In September, they’ll be working to create one Bill joining the two, for final approval.


    Make no mistake about it – this is Big Brother come to fruition.  If they get this Bill passed, they plan on having our Internet Service Providers (AOL, RoadRunner, Earthlink, MSN, etc.) monitor our internet usage to make sure we’re not gambling; and if they see us gambling, they’ll report us to the Feds.  They plan on having our Banks monitor our credit card spending and bank account activity, to make sure we’re not spending it at online casinos; any irregular spending will be reported to the Feds.  If this isn’t Big Brother, what is?

     Write Your Senators Now!     Write your US Representative Now! 

    Are you ready for the Internet Police to come pounding on your door in the middle of the night?  Are you ready to have your internet usage discontinued because they don’t like the way you’re using it after you've pleadingly explained to them that you weren't gambling; or you were just "looking" at the porn site; or you were just "talking" about sex?  Are you ready to explain to the Bank and the Feds why you spent your hard earned dollars anywhere?  The “Monitors” will make no differentiation between gamblers and non-gamblers in their monitoring and reporting – everyone will be vulnerable.

    This Bill will open the door to the US Government monitoring everything we do on the internet!


    This issue is much larger than just online gambling.  Whether you’re a gambler or not, whether you believe gambling is moral or not, this Bill will affect you.  This will be a loss of personal freedoms heretofore unprecedented, and it will pave the way for many, many more infringements on our personal lives, until we have no personal freedoms left in this "Land of the Free".

    We “Stupid Americans” can still stop this!

    Every American, gambler and non-gambler, has a voice and NOW is the time to use it.  Pick up your phone and call your Elected Officials; write them a letter by hand; go to and fill in the forms to automatically mail letters of protest to your correct Officials.  Tell them this is wrong and this is not why you elected them; you trusted them to protect your freedom.


    Do anything, but DO SOMETHING to stop this.  You must stand up and be counted now, or the Feds will be doing your counting for you.  You must let your voice be heard, or it will permanently silenced.  You must act NOW!


    --  ProFreedom is an independent website and service dedicated to the fight against this ban.  You can fill in your personal information** and it will automatically find the correct Elected Officials for your area, and send them a pre-written letter everytime you want.  ProFreedom will also send out notices of pending votes in advance.


    It's more effective if you send a letter (typed or handwritten) via regular mail if you can, so;


    -- Locate and contact your Representative here,  to protest H.R. 21, unjustly titled the "Unlawful Internet Gambling Funding Prohibition Act" - United States House of Representatives - Write your Representative
    (You'll need the last 4 digits of your zip code for this site.  If you don't know them, locate them here - US Post Office Zip Code Lookup)


    -- Locate and contact your Senator here, to protest S. 627, unjustly titled the "Unlawful Internet Gambling Funding Prohibition Act",   - U.S. Senate - Senators of the 108th Congress


    -- Write in to your local newspapers' opinion pages or letters to editor, and protest this - SOUND the alarm.


    -- Copy this notice and send it to everyone you know on the internet.


    -- If you own your own website, feel free to copy the source code on this page and make your own page for your site!


    **Your name and address will be required no matter how you contact your Elected Officials, in order for your opinion, letter and/or call to be counted


    If we don't stop this, we'll have no one to blame but ourselves.


     Write Your Senators Now!     Write your US Representative Now!