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Mississippi Lottery Results

Date Game Result Jackpot
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Mega Millions Fri 5/13/22
Mega MillionsLogo
Mega Millions
11 41 43 44 65 13 MB
Megaplier: 3


$99 Million
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Powerball Sat 5/14/22
6 40 41 45 52 9 PB
Power Play: 3
Double Play
23 36 41 42 65 14 PB


$83 Million
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Cash 3 Sun 5/15/22
Cash 3Logo
Cash 3
1 7 5


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Match 5 Sat 5/14/22
Match 5Logo
Match 5
2 8 17 22 31


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Cash 4 Sun 5/15/22
Cash 4Logo
Cash 4
6 8 5 5



Mississippi Lottery

Mississippi is the latest state to get their own lottery. Just 24 hours after a vote against legalizing lotteries by the Mississippi Senate, a second vote was held on August 28, 2018, where the Mississippi Lottery was finally approved.

Other neighboring states like Arkansas, Louisiana, and Tennessee, were generating millions of dollars from the sale of lottery tickets that are used for state wide initiatives to assist with education, health, infrastructure, veterans, care for the elderly, preservation of the environment and much more. So finally, Mississippi decided to join in on the lottery fun, and use the proceeds generated by lottery ticket sales to improve the infrastructure and educational systems across the state.

The lottery launched on December 1, 2019, offering only scratch-off tickets to begin with. On January 30, 2020, they added the first lottery games to their offering, and they decided to start with a bang: Powerball and Mega Millions. Today, the Mississippi Lottery games also include Cash 3, Cash 4, and Match 5.

When it comes to the lottery proceeds in Mississippi, it was decided that until June 30, 2028, the first $80 million generated will go towards the State Highway Fund while proceeds over the $80 million mark will be used for the Educational Enhancement Fund.

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