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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us and we are dedicated to protecting your personal data. This policy is designed to explain how we collect and use your personal information.

Who are we?

For the purposes of the GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) and any other applicable data protection legislation in the UK, Lotto Logic Limited is the data controller of the personal data we collect from you on our site.

Please Contact us if you have any concerns or questions about how we use your personal data, or about your privacy on our site.

Links on our site may take you to other websites which are not covered under our privacy policy. Before you submit any personal data to external websites you should read their privacy policies. We have no control over external websites and we will not be liable for the content, function or policies of such websites.

What personal data do we use?

You do not have to provide personal data to us via this website under any law or contract. We only need you to provide personal data to us where it is necessary for a service that you request.

Data that you give to us

Whenever you contact us or we communicate with you, we may receive personal data about you. For example, we will receive information about you when you:

The information we collect may include:

Data we collect when you visit our website

We use cookies, and similar technologies such as tracking pixels and web beacons to collect data so that we can improve your experience on our website, distinguish you from other visitors and show you personalised adverts that are relevant to you.

For more details about how we use cookies, please see our Cookies Policy.

The data we collect when you’re browsing our website may include:

We do not knowingly collect information about children and our website is not designed or intended to be used by children.

Data we obtain from third parties

We may collect personal data about you from other websites, services, third parties, and other sources, where you have given your consent. That information may include:

However, we may also need to obtain further information from third parties for the purposes specified in this policy.

What do we do with your personal data?

We understand how important your privacy is, and we take the rules around data protection seriously. Therefore, we have set out below the reasons why we use your personal data, and our legal basis for processing that information.

Operating our website

We need to use your personal data to operate our website and our services. This is necessary in order for us to:

Sending you information about other services and products you might like

Where you tell us that you would like to receive marketing communications, we may get in touch with you by email, SMS or push notifications to your browser or device, to tell you about products or services that we think you may be interested in. To achieve this, we may use personal data about you to identify the products or services that relate to you.

It is your choice if you wish to receive marketing communications or market research communications (or both) from us. Your choice will not affect your use of our website or the service that we offer to you (or that we may offer in the future).

You can set your marketing preferences via the links in the emails that we send to you.


This Site is affiliated with Freestar for the purposes of placing advertising on our website, and Freestar will collect and use certain data for advertising purposes. To learn more about Freestar's data usage, click here: https://freestar.com/privacy-policy/.

Personalising adverts

In order to keep our website up and running (and most importantly, free), we use advertising banners on our website and we work with a network of advertising partners to do so.

We want to personalise your experience on our website by only showing you adverts that are relevant to you and your interests, which means that we need to use information about your browsing habits. We, and our network of advertising partners, use cookies and other similar technologies to build a profile of the sorts of websites that you visit, so that we can deliver similar adverts to you. This is not linked to your name or any other personal details, but we use a unique ID number given to your browser by each participating website.

Personalised adverts aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. Therefore, when you first visit our site we will ask you to agree with the types of cookies we can use.

However, some parts of our website may not function (or not function correctly) if you disable certain cookies. If you turn off targeting cookies you will still see adverts displayed on our website, but they will not be personalised to your interests.

For more guidance and advice about this type of online advertising, about cookies, and about how to turn control your cookies, please visit this link.

Our Cookies Policy contains further information about how we use cookies in our personalised adverts.

Improving our business

We want to improve our services and offer you the best experience on our website that we can. We may use personal data about you to figure out how we can improve what we do. We use your information in this context to:

Verifying who you are

In some cases, we might need to use your personal data where it is necessary for us to meet our own legal obligations, or to detect and prevent fraud, money-laundering and other crimes.

Protecting your vital interests

We might need to use your personal data where it is necessary to protect the interests of you or other individuals, such as in connection with criminal activity including fraud, piracy and identity theft.

What’s our legal basis for using your information?

Our legal basis for using the personal data set out above is that:

The table below sets out the reasons why we use your personal data, and our legal basis for doing so.

Pursue Legitimate Interests Comply With Legal Obligations Your consent
Operating and maintaining our website and services
Interacting with you and responding to any communications you send us, including posts you tag us in on social media
Review and improving the performance of our systems, people and processes
Repairing, changing and improving our website
Telling you about important changes to our policies and our website
Telling you about products or services which we think you might like
Showing you personalised adverts on our website (including profiling)
Sending you messages via push notifications to your device or browser
Verifying who you are
Responding to and dealing with complaints
Detecting and preventing fraud, money-laundering and other crimes
Making sure that the personal data we hold is accurate and up to date
Protecting the interests of you and other individuals (e.g. in relation to fraud, piracy, identity theft and other crimes)

Other uses of your personal data

We collect personal data about you for the purposes specified above, and we will not use your information for any other purposes without first notifying you and explaining our legal basis for doing so.

In some cases, we may use your personal data without your knowledge or consent, in accordance with this policy and where it is authorised or required by law.

Do we share your personal data with anyone else?

We share your data with our staff and our other websites

We will share your personal data with our staff to help us run our website and offer our services to you. We may also share your personal data with the other websites that we operate.

We share your data with some third parties

We may share your personal information with certain third parties, such as:

We share your information with entities based in the US only where they conform to the EU-US Privacy Shield framework, which requires companies to provide a similar level of protection to personal data as is available in the EU.

In other exceptional circumstances, we may disclose your personal data to third parties if we believe that the disclosure is:

How long do we retain personal data?

We collect your personal data for the purposes specified in this policy and we will use your information only for as long as that purpose requires. If we provide a service to you, we will retain your personal data for at least as long as we provide that service to you.

Where we use your personal data on the basis of your consent (for example, for marketing and advertising purposes), we may retain your information until you withdraw that consent.

Otherwise, depending on the type of data we hold, we will retain it for period of time that we deem will be in your best interests.

How do we keep your personal data secure?

We will implement appropriate security measures to make sure your personal data is kept secure and confidential and used in accordance with this policy.

Whilst we do our best to make sure that the data you provide via our website is transferred securely (you should always check the URL for “https” and look for the padlock symbol in your browser), information transmitted over the internet is not always completely secure and we can’t always guarantee the security of personal data transmitted to our site; when you transfer personal data to us you do so at your own risk. When we receive your personal data and store it on our systems, we have strict procedures and security features in place to avoid unauthorised access.

Information you send to us via our website will be stored on secure, third party servers with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform in the US.

What are your rights when we use your personal data?

The right to be informed

You have the right to obtain concise, transparent, intelligible and easily accessible information about how we use your personal data, and this policy is intended to provide you with that information. If you require any further information or have any questions, please Contact us.

The right to access your data

You have the right to require us to provide you with a copy of any personal data that we hold about you (or to confirm that we do not hold any personal data about you). You also have the right to ask us to tell you:

If you ask us to exercise this right, we will need to verify your identity before we send you any information. We will not charge you for exercising this right unless the request is particularly excessive, such as where you request several copies of the same information within a short period of time.

The right to rectify your personal data

If the information that we hold about you is inaccurate, or misleading because it is incomplete, you have the right to ask us to rectify it or to complete it by providing us with supplementary information. If you believe that the information we hold is inaccurate or incomplete, please Contact us.

The right to erasure (“the right to be forgotten”)

You have the right to require us to delete the personal data that we hold about you in the following circumstances:

If you believe that any of these circumstances apply and you wish us to erase the personal data that we hold about you, please one of these situations applies to you, please Contact us.

The right to data portability

You have the right to ask us to send you a copy of the personal data that we hold about you in a common, electronic file format – or to securely transfer that data directly to another IT service provider.

Please Contact us if you would like us to transfer your personal data either to you or another provider; we will not charge you for this service.

The right to object to direct marketing

You can object at any time to our use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes. If you don’t want to receive any marketing communications from us, or to change your marketing preferences, please Contact us, and we will stop sending you marketing messages.

The right to object to our use of your personal data for our legitimate interests

As explained in this policy, we may use your personal data where it is necessary for our own legitimate interests. We always consider the impact that this has on your privacy and we aim to protect your personal data. If you don’t agree with our justification for using your personal data, you have the right to object. If we don’t have a compelling reason to continue using your personal data for these purposes, we will stop.

If you wish to object to our use of your data for the purposes set out above, please Contact us.

The right to restriction of processing

You have the right to require us to stop using your personal data for any of the purposes set out in this policy, but to retain a copy of it (such as where you ask us to add you to our “no contact” list for marketing). You can tell us to do this in the following situations:

If you wish to exercise this right and believe that any of the situations above apply, please Contact us.

Your rights in relation to automated decision-making and profiling

We, and the partners in our advertising network, use automated decision-making when we display personalised adverts for you on our website. In order to do this, we use a method called “profiling”, which means that we build a profile of you and your browsing habits when you visit other websites that which participate in our advertising network. Your name and other personal details are not linked to this profile, but we use a unique ID that each website in the network will give to your browser.

You have the right not to be subject to decisions based on automated decision-making which produce legal effects for you or which significantly affect you.

If you have any questions or concerns about this right or how we use your information for personalised advertising, please Contact us.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

If we make any changes to this policy in the future, we will update this page and we may notify you by email. If we use your personal data for purposes that are incompatible with those set out above, we will update this policy, so please check this page frequently to ensure that you have the most up to date information.

This version of our privacy policy was updated on February 13, 2023. If you would like to see previous versions of our privacy policy, please Contact us.

How to reach us

We are based at Lotto Logic Limited (company number 07316451) 30 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1Y 2AB.


We hope that you don't have any complaints about how we use your personal data on our website. However, if you do, we would like you to Contact us first so that we can try to resolve the issue.

If we're not able to resolve your complaint, you also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the supervisory authority that regulates the protection of personal data in the UK. If you wish to lodge a complaint with the ICO you can visit their website.

Email: Contact us