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Rhode Island Lottery Results

Date Game Result Jackpot
Lucky for Life Thu 7/9/20
Lucky for LifeLogo
Lucky for Life
10 24 28 33 39 12 LB


Mega Millions Fri 7/10/20
Mega MillionsLogo
Mega Millions
10 15 20 49 53 22 MB
Megaplier: 5


$83 Million
Powerball Wed 7/8/20
3 10 34 36 62 5 PB
Power Play: 10


$69 Million
Midday Numbers Sat 7/11/20
Midday NumbersLogo
Midday Numbers
0 9 3 2


Numbers Sat 7/11/20
0 6 6 7


Wild Money Sat 7/11/20
Wild MoneyLogo
Wild Money
1 10 18 25 32 28 Extra



Rhode Island Lottery

Despite what many think, Rhode Island is actually the smallest state in the US. But it’s not been left behind in the lottery game sector. Rhode Island Lottery, or more commonly called Rilot, is actually one of the best we have in the country.

Launched in 1974, the RI lottery’s first tickets were sold for just 50 cents and then drawn at State House. This lottery has done wonders for the state, with results changing the fates of many RI residents, including Louise White, who won over $336,000,000 in a 2012 Powerball draw.

Rilot is also responsible for the launch of Lotto, the very first televised state Lottery Show. The top prize of this game was $25,000 and tickets were just $1, with drawings taking place weekly. This state lottery is also a founding member of the Multi-State Lottery Association, an organization formed so that smaller states could offer bigger prizes. RI was also one of the first state lotteries to sell Powerball tickets.

RI lottery games, other than Powerball, include The Numbers Game, Wild Money, Mega Millions, and Lucky for Life.

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