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South Dakota Lottery Results

Date Game Result Jackpot
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Lotto America Mon 11/27/23
Lotto AmericaLogo
Lotto America
1 8 23 25 50 4 SB
All Star Bonus: 3


$2.5 Million
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Lucky for Life Mon 11/27/23
Lucky for LifeLogo
Lucky for Life
6 20 22 26 38 17 LB


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Mega Millions Fri 11/24/23
Mega MillionsLogo
Mega Millions
6 15 45 59 68 1 MB
Megaplier: 4


$308 Million
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Powerball Mon 11/27/23
2 21 38 61 66 12 PB
Power Play: 2
Double Play
9 29 51 53 61 20 PB


$355 Million
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Dakota Cash Sat 11/25/23
Dakota CashLogo
Dakota Cash
10 12 14 26 29



South Dakota Lottery

Did you know that the South Dakota Lottery is one of the largest platforms to win jackpots and other prizes? What’s more, it doesn’t just offer scratch tickets, but also an exciting array of games like Powerball, Lotto America, and several others. This state lottery offers prizes that rack up to the mega millions, which is exactly what makes it so popular.

The rules are simple, too. You need to be 18 years or older to participate and only adults qualify for the video lottery. In the past couple of decades, ticket sales have grown from the hundreds to the millions and the jackpots have been made even more enticing, sometimes totaling into the billions.

South Dakota’s Lottery games are Dakota Cash, Mega Millions, Lotto America, Lucky for Life, and Powerball.

The SD Lottery doesn’t just dish out great prizes for amazing games, it also helps many different organizations. From inception, this lottery has tripled in popularity and it continues to look for places to collaborate with so as to bring change in the society.

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